UEFA Champions League has entered the semi-final stages and fans from all over the world are eagerly waiting to see the champion of Europe’s most sought after league. This is the league where bests of bests fight for the title of Europe’s champion, and we look at what went on at the quarter finals between the 8 favorites.

The second lag of quarter finals took place this week on the nights of April 17 and 18. First match (April 17) Juventus vs Ajax took an unexpected turn as the young team of Ajax tropled the favorites Juventus after a 2-1 victory. The aggregate score stood at 3-2 through which Ajax proceeded to the next round. Ronaldo fans and the star player himself ended up disappointed when Ronaldo couldn’t make the miracle happen.

It is safe to presume Ajax as the underdog that superseded the expectations however it is yet to be seen if they can reach all the way to Madrid.

The second and much hyped match was played between Barcelona and Manchester United. It was expected from Manchester United – who had beaten Juventus and PSG on their home grounds earlier – to turn the tables in their favor against Barcelona who have stood undefeated on their home ground for last many years. However, Barcelona’s star player Messi scored two phenomenal goals in five minutes which shattered all hopes of Manchester United to go in the next round. At the end of the game it was 3-0 for Barcelona vs Manchester United; the aggregate score of 4-0 meant a clear win through the semifinals for team Messi.

On the second night (April 18), Porto and Liverpool went against each other for the second time. Liverpool had acquired a 2-0 victory on their home ground so this time around as well things seemed pretty smooth for the team. All big names like Muhammad Salah, Roberto Fermino and Sadio Mane lived up to their name and Liverpool won 4-1 against Porto. The team also attained an aggregate of a huge margin and proceeded to the semifinals with a 6-1 at hand.

In the last match of quarter finals, Manchester City and Tottenham went on against each other head to head. Although Pap Guardiola’s side was the favorites, the fighting spirit of Tottenham stood against all odds. This was a pure goal galore match where both teams fired goals till the last minute and a total of 7 goals were scored. The match resulted in a 4-3 victory of Manchester City however, Tottenham’s away goal advantage came into play and the team came out strong after a 4-4 tie on aggregate. Tottenham’s credit to win surely goes to Huang Minson who brilliantly scored two goals. Yet another crucial moment of the match occurred when Raheem Sterling’s goal in 95th minute was disallowed by the VAR. What a match it was!

Moving on to the next round, Tottenham will now face Ajax and we are surely looking at another nail biting match. On the other end there is going to be an epic battle between Vergil Van Dyke and Leonel Messi as Vergil has not been dribbled past by any player the whole season, and we look forward to whether Messi will change the course this time or not.


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