Beverley Humphreys coaches Pontypridd International and, after much demand, another team was created and named after her called Beverley United.

The teams formed after Ms Humphreys began working with refugees over three years ago.

“They have been to hell and back over the last couple of years,” she said.

“Some of them, as children, had to flee Syria, Sudan… some of them have lost very close family members.

“They arrive in this different country, everything is new… the language, they can’t even read the signs on the sides of shops and so on.”

Ms Humphreys, who hosts Beverley’s World of Music, admitted she knew very little about football but said: “The young men especially need something into which they can put their energies.”

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The teams play every Monday evening – the Pontypridd players wear red kit while the Beverley team are in blue.

Ms Humphreys said that to her it seemed that “playing football was a great way of bringing them together, having something for them to work towards, to train, to improve and to feel that they were part of something.

“It has been a joy for me and the families as well.”

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