In one of the most historic matches of ICC World Cup, England became the world champions as New Zealand stood runner up. Interestingly, one cannot say that England defeated New Zealand to attain the title, as if a glance is taken on score card both the teams scored equal till the last ball – including the super over that failed to announce result.

What started as a low scoring target of 242 by Kiwis soon turned into a daunting task for the English side as was cornered at 86-4. However as Ben Stokes and Jos Butler sailed the team towards stability particularly with Stokes winning innings till the last ball of the match and then in super over.

It was around 46 needed for 32 balls that Butler opted for daring tactics, amid the effort he was caught by Tim Southee who brought Butler’s marvelous innings of 59 at the end.

Stokes then continued to impress with his bat and maintained his spot as England lost three more wickets. The last over then required 15 runs and while the Kiwis were gearing up for victory, the unthinkable happened.

After two dot balls, Stokes hit a six that brought the score down to 9 runs for 3 balls. As fate would have it, Stokes ran for a double and as he returned to the crease his bat struck the ball – enroute to the stumps – and went for another boundary. Stokes was apologetic and there was nothing more that he could do for Kiwis.

England required 3 from 2 balls and as spectators bit their nails in anticipation, Stokes was run out at 84 after taking a single. This tied the match as 241 for both the teams and the match proceeded to super over.

Super Over  

England – the team batting second – got the chance to bat first in the super over. Ben Stokes who had just returned to the dressing room all emotional was given another chance to glory and accompanied him his trusted partner Jos Butler. The two made a total of 15 runs at Trent Boult’s ball, and the Kiwis were to make 16 to win the match.

When New Zealand came to bat, the world saw one of the gutsiest decisions of World Cup 2019 by Eoin Morgan as he gave the ball to 19-year old Jofra Archer. James Neesham and Martin Guptill held the bat for Kiwis and began the heist to victory. Archer’s first ball was a wide and as Neesham hit six on the first ball of the over it seemed like things were in Kiwis favor as Archer came under pressure. However two balls down the over, similarly like the English side Kiwis required 3 runs from 2 balls. After a single, Guptill attempted to take a double and was run out after making a single.

This brought down the match to a tie yet again! However, as per ICC laws England then celebrated victory immediately after, thanks to their greater number of boundaries 26 in comparison to New Zealand’s 17.

The world does stand for England as they were crowned the ICC World Cup 2019 Champions, and for Kane Williamson’s side the world stood in awe after the most fantastic display of cricket one could ever witness.


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