Shoaib Akhtar is All Praises

During the course of World Cup 2019, Pakistan team has had more lows than highs. The highs however we unthinkable and undoubtedly washed away the impact of bad days. One such impact can be seen on the ever critical Shoaib Akhtar who had been at Pakistan’s team case since the beginning and always had some really tough criticism for the boys in green.

This time around, as Pakistan team defeated New Zealand and surprised everyone – including the Kiwis – Shoaib Akhtar is all praises for Sarfraz 11.

Taking it to Twitter, the former fast bowler of Pakistan team said, “Match winning inning from Babar Azam. Brilliant display of talent by Haris Sohail. What a class act he is turning out to be. Shaheen Afridi bowled with pace & aggression. Pakistan Zindabad. One step closer to the dream.”

Shortly after, Rawalpindi express also shared a video of him praising the team on his YouTube channel – which has garnered over a million views for Shoaib’s brutal commentary on the team.

Sharing the video on his Twitter, Shoaib captioned, “Never corner Pakistan. We become tigers when you do that. Congratulations & well done boys.”

“Never corner Pakistan team and Pakistan as a country. When you do, this is what happens; we strike back and we strike back really hard!” he said in the video.

Adding further the fast bowler commented, “Well done Pakistan team. You need a bit criticism to shake you up and you did face it. Finally you played like tigers.”

Undoubtedly, Pakistan team has raised hopes of everyone and while Shoaib has taken a drastic change in his tone, we too hope the team stands up to his expectations.




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