Shahid Afridi Reiterates

“These players (Salman Butt, Muhammad Asif and Muhammad Aamir) still think that Lala (Afridi) blew the whistle about them to the newspaper that is not true,” former Captain Pakistan Cricket Team Shahid Afridi spoke at a television program recently.

Afridi reiterated that it was one of his friends in England who firsthand got information of the ongoing spot fixing, and then chose to inform the tabloid without Afridi’s knowledge or consent.

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“It was one of my friends in England who passed on the information without informing me and even after that the newspaper carried out its own investigation and sting operation to confirm and trap the players,” said Lala.

Boom Boom also shared how Abdul Razzaq – his former colleague – had sensed something suspicious going on with Salman Butt. However, Afridi admitted that he did not pay heed to Razzaq’s concerns and brushed it off by saying, “they are like our younger brothers”.

As per the former captain, he also tried to salvage the situation – when it hadn’t escalated – by asking Asif, Amir and Salman to admit to their involvement so that the team could help them. While Amir came to Afridi and admitted his mistake, Salman kept denying it till the last moment.

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Afridi recalled that once the matter came out in open and it was confirmed that Salman Butt was involved in the scandal, it was Lala who felt ‘disappointed because he personally like Salman as a player’.

While talking at the television show, Afridi elaborated on the sections of his autobiography The Gamechanger. From reiterating Waqar Younis and Javed Miandad as worst coaches, to clearly stating his stance and involvement during the 2010 spot fixing scandal, Afridi said it all without a hesitation.


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