Shahid Afridi

Star cricketer Shahid Afridi is known for creating a havoc (a good kind of havoc though) on field just as he steps in. He’s also known for hitting the ball out of park with his bat and often infamously famous statements in media and otherwise. Well his autobiography ‘Game Changer’ is out now and we can safely say it is true representation of Afridi’s rebellious and strong headed personality.

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Taking a dig at some of the most senior players and calling out the incompetence of Pakistan Cricket Board in the matters pertaining to match fixing scandals and team management, Afridi has said it all. The book is co-written by journalist Wajahat Saeed Khan and is a narration of Afridi from the day he debuted his cricket career at the age of 19 – against the misstated 16 years of age.

First and foremost, the biggest fire ball that has come out of Game Changer is Afridi’s comment on Javed Miandad as ‘Small Man’. As per former captain Pakistan team, Miandad is a legend but a small man when it comes to self-praise. Afridi recalled a couple of incidences where he had to back down from practice as Miandad wanted to be in center himself.

Next jab is at Waqar Younis, Aamer Sohail and Shoaib Malik. While he has called Malik incompetent for captaincy, and Waqar’s selection for 2003 World Cup a biased decision; biggest shocker comes in as he speaks of Aamer Sohail as the captain of the match Afridi debuted in.

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“I know you’ve fixed this match with Wasim Akram. I know what you’re up to, Afridi,” Game Changer quotes Aamer during the first few innings. “Stay on my side. Join me. I will connect you with the right people. I can help you run Pakistan cricket,” he claims Aamer said after the match.

Afridi also claims in his book that he knew of the 2010 spot-fixing matter beforehand and had informed the then manager Yawar Saeed regarding it. However when the board did not pay heed to Afridi’s warnings, he chose to step down as the captain – Salman Butt was then appointed in his place.

However, it’s not all fire and flames in the autobiography of the all-rounder. Afridi also shared his feeling about the leadership of Prime Minister Pakistan, Imran Khan and he was nothing but praises. “Imran never interfered in personal matters nor got personal with any player, same as he is running his cabinet today,” Game Changer says about the PM.



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