Sarfaraz Ahmed is Hopeful

After hosts England defeated New Zealand on Wednesday, they practically drove Pakistan out of the race for World Cup 2019 semi-finals. However, Pakistan team’s skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed is believing in a miracle to play out today and help Pakistan do the unthinkable.

Here’s the catch: in order for Pakistan to reach the semi-finals, the Green Shirts have to score at least 400 runs and defeat Bangladesh by no less than 316 runs. Only then Sarfraz’s side has a practical chance of reaching the top four, but to attain the chance the challenge is honestly impractical for Pakistan to fulfill.

“We will do our best to win the last game as well to end on a high and we will do our best to achieve that but we need to be realistic, but if Allah helps then miracles can happen,” said Sarfaraz whose team has tried to make an astounding comeback in the last three matches.

“It’s like you score 600, 500, 400 on a pitch then you think you can get the other team out for 50 and then win by a 316-run margin. If you think realistically, then we can only try. We would try and set a target of 500 for Bangladesh,” the Captain reiterated his optimism for a miracle.

Needless to say the task ahead of Pakistan is insurmountable and frankly speaking a joke of its kind. While Pakistani fans have gathered the courage to say goodbye to World Cup dream, it is expected of the men in green to finish off high today.

Pakistan should aim to secure its 5th position on the table points today after defeating Bangladesh’s ever improved team, and in addition the last four ODI defeats against the Tigers can also be avenged. If and only if, Sarfaraz’s side keeps their focus on the prize in sight.


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