DUBAI: A new rule approved by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has allowed owners of all six Pakistan Super League (PSL) teams to sit in the area designated for players and match officials during the ongoing fourth edition of the league.

However, this rule has restricted Qalandars team manager Sameen Rana from performing his duty freely.

According to a PCB source, the cricket board has conditionally allowed team owners and their siblings to enter players and match officials’ area, however, they will have to meet certain regulations.

“If owners or their siblings want to sit in PMOA during matches, they will have to inform PCB’s security and vigilance department at least 24 hours before the game,” the source said.

“They will also not be allowed to leave PMOA once they have entered it and will not be able to use any communication devices.”

However, owing to the rule Lahore Qalandars manager Sameen Rana, who is also the brother of team owner Fawad Rana, was not allowed to carry his device during Qalandars game against United on Thursday night, a source told

“Sameen falls in the category of siblings, that’s why he was not allowed to carry his phone,” the source said. In normal circumstances, the team manager is allowed to carry communication devices in PMOA to perform his duty.


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