Pakistan Journey Comes

After a journey full of ups and downs, rains and fair share of sunny days, Pakistan’s journey has practically come to an end in the World Cup 2019. After New Zealand’s smashing defeat by 119 runs at the hands of host England, Pakistan’s gloomiest chances to make it into the semi-finals have died a painful death.

After England set a massive target of 306 for Kiwis to achieve earlier today, Pakistani fans remained hopeful of New Zealand’s top batting line that has yielded fruitful results in the past. Much to their dismay, the victory streak that ended for New Zealand last week at the hands of Pakistan, continued to fail and the team was all out at 186 runs in 45 overs.

What does that translate for Pakistan? Unfortunately, nothing but bad news.

The green side who had come a long way since their defeats against West Indies in the World Cup 2019 debut match have been once again pushed back. Pakistan who currently stands at 5th spot in the points table needs to have a miraculous victory by whopping 300+ runs against Bangladesh on Friday. Only that and only that will result as Pakistan’s inclusion in the semi-finalists.

As of right now, Australia, India and England are confirmed semi-finalists. New Zealand who holds fourth position in the chart might have a point clash with Pakistan as both sides (might) have 11 points each at the end of the group match – that’s where Kiwi’s superior run rate will come into play and Pakistan will be officially out of the run for the World Cup trophy.


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