Armed Personnel Will

In a report shared by British media, it has come to highlight that due to the tremendous hype of India Pakistan World Cup match, the security would be higher than usual. The British authorities have decided to assign the security of the premises to armed personnel who will be guarding the stadium when the two countries collide on cricket field.

Pakistan and India are set to play against each other on June 16, in Manchester UK and the match is amongst the highly anticipated ones. To further elaborate, it has been reported that the match pre-booking has received as many as 0.5 million requests whereas the stadium can only accommodate a handful of 25,000 spectators.

On the back of rising tensions between the two countries, since the beginning of this year, the British authorities are operating with due diligence to ensure complete safety of players and spectators. As a part of the security drill, complete data gathering of Indian and Pakistani community in Manchester has been conducted.

In addition to the aforementioned security measures, it is also reported that a thorough surveillance would also be in effect around the stadium on the day of the match greatly awaited match.



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