In a surprising turn of events or mere bad luck of team India, New Zealand was able to defeat the Virat Kohli led side in the semi-final at Old Trafford yesterday and make it to the final of World Cup 2019. On one hand, it was bad cricketing from India that caused a severe loss of 3 wickets (Rohit Sharma, Kohli and KL Rahul) in mere five overs, on the other end it was Martin Guptil’s awe-inspiring hit to the stumps from circle that led to dismissal of MS Dhoni in 49th over. As a result, India was defeated by 18 runs and ousted from the race of finale.

However, Indian captain Virat Kohli lamented over his team’s dismissal over a bad performance of mere 45 minutes and wished for format of World Cup to be changed to accommodate ‘table topping team’ in group stage.

“I’m very disappointed. We played outstanding cricket throughout this tournament and to just go out on the basis of 45 minutes of bad cricket is saddening and it breaks your heart because you have worked so hard throughout the tournament to build momentum,” said Kohli in a post-match press talk.

On being asked if Kohli wishes ICC to introduce IPL style semi-final where the top teams get another match in case of defeat in first play-off, the skipper said yes.

“Maybe. If topping the table means anything. I think these things can come into consideration, looking at the magnitude of this tournament. That is a really valid point. You never know when that is going to be implemented,” he answered.

Knowing the history of India’s influence on ICC, the mentioned alteration by Kohli isn’t a far-fetched idea either.

Case in point: extension of group stage as India exited with a humiliating defeat in 2007 after playing only three matches (as per the format).It is because of BCC’s continuous efforts that every year from 2007 group stage was extended and this time all teams got nine matches to play out of which India won its 8.


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